Thesis students in the Department of Computer Science have produced a wide body of work.

Year Student Title Advisor
2011 Shrutarshi Basu A Language and Virtual Machine for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming C.W. Liew
2011 Khine Lin Delaunay Triangulations Ge Xia
2011 Miguel Haruki Yamaguchi An Extensible Tool for Automated Music Generation J.O. Pfaffmann
2010 John Jenkins Developmental Evolution of Virtual Creatures J.O. Pfaffmann
2009 Micah Heineck Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning in a Team Competitive Enviroment J.O. Pfaffmann
2008 Mark Kokoska Inferring Information about the Iterated Prisoners Dilemma from Incomplete Monitoring C.W. Liew
2008 Tim Zirkel Applications of Coding Theory to Proof Checking F. Xia
2006 Joe Crobak Shortest Path Problems and Experimental Results J.O. Pfaffman
2005 Mayank Lahiri Numerical Efficiency of Coarse-Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithms C.W. Liew
2004 Kojo Adams EXACT: The Experimental Algorithmics Computational Toolkit J. Berry
2004 Geoffrey Oxholm An Artificially Intelligent Analysis of Musical Emotion C.W. Liew
2003 Alexandru Octavian Balan An Enhanced Approach to Network Reliability Using Boolean Algebra C.W. Liew
2009 James Bogan A.P. Anderson
2003 Robert A. Brown Jr. The Application of Habituating Self-Organizing Maps to Network Anomaly Detection C.W. Liew
2002 Dan Huber Automated Camera Placement C.W. Liew
2002 Matthew Patton Using Genetic Algorithms on Discontinuous Search Spaces C.W. Liew
1999 Jeshua Burneko The Role of Emotional Agents in Interactive Fiction C.W. Liew
1999 Evan Gordon Evaluation of Initial TSP tours for the K-Opt Tour Improvement Algorithm C.W. Liew
1999 Marina Kiriyeva Real Time Three-Dimension Reflection C.W. Liew
1998 Perry Myers Intelligent Scheduling C.W. Liew
1998 Yi Sun Secure Electronic Voting I. Sachs
1997 J Michael Girdley Animation of Data Structures C.W. Liew
1993 Jeffrey Lyttle Texture Generation in Three-Dimensional Graphics