On November 5, two teams of Lafayette students competed at the annual International Collegiate Programming Contest. The teams finished second and third respectively at their site (Wilkes University), losing narrowly to a team from Bucknell. Overall, 166 teams from 65 Institutions competed at 8 sites of the Mid-Atlantic region. Lafayette teams ranked 19 and 22 respectively.

The competing colleges (and number of teams from the college) at the Wilkes University site were:

Bucknell (3), Kings College (2), Lafayette (2), LaSalle (2), Lehigh (2), Moravian (4), Susquehanna (2), Temple (1), Scranton (3), Villanova (2), Wilkes (2)

The Lafayette teams were:

Lafayette 1: Nicholas Escalona (2013, CS/Physics), Xin Hu (2014, ECE), Tong Pham (2013, CS)

Lafayette 2: Maytee Chinavanichkit (2012, CS), Berkin Ilbeyi (2012, CS/ECE), Chris Miles (2013 ECE)

The faculty coaches for the teams were Professor Xiaoyan Li and Professor Frank Xia.