Interdisciplinary Research Talk Series
by students & for students

Speakers: Kumera Bekele(’13) and Andrew Ho (’13)

Date: September 21, 2011

Time and Place: 12:15pm; Hugel 100

Title: Rock Paper iPad!

Advisers: Professor Chun-Wai Liew (Dept. of Computer Science) and Professor Lawrence Malinconico (Dept. of Geology)


The talk will discuss how we can use computational technology in geological field work. It will focus especially on tablets for the field and GeoData, an iPad/Android app developed over the summer in association with the Computer Science and Geology departments.

The GeoData app has features that allow field scientists and students alike to gather information more efficiently, accurately and comfortably. The web-app created along with the tablet apps also allows for consolidation and cooperation of collected data.

Sponsored by Lafayette Dean of The College, the Department of Computer Science, The Health and Life Science Program, and the National Science Foundation. Contact Person: Xiaoyan Li, Computer Science,, 610-330-5416