Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Lafayette College!

Our society’s dependence on computers is ever growing. As the nature of industry, education, and lifestyles in this emerging world takes form, there has been an increased emphasis and need to understand computers’ role as problem-solving machines. Computer sciencethat is, the study of algorithms and their implementationsremains one of the key fields upon which this exciting future will be constructed.

The intellectual challenge of a new science is one of the reasons that computer science has generated so much excitement. New ideas are constantly being explored, new tools being developed, and new questions being asked. Althoughand becausesociety increasingly rests upon a computer-oriented keystone, computer science itself is a vital, fresh, and new field. Over 99% of the computer scientists who have ever lived are still alive today!

Indeed, the industrial reliance on computer scientists is unceasing, and the need for innovative approaches to new problems has never been greater. Likewise, the use of computers in everyday life has changed our approach to education, both from within the field and in all facets of lifelong learning. And as computing grows more embedded within our society, we can see a number of shifts in lifestyle quality and the advancement and betterment of our everyday lives.

In the Department of Computer Science, students learn the knowledge and skills necessary for effective participation in the developing technological revolution.