2011 — Shrutarshi Basu

A Language and Virtual Machine for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming

This thesis proposes to develop a pure object-oriented prototype-based programming language and an accompanying virtual machine. The developed language and infrastructure will be designed to operate on multicore and multiple-CPU architectures without requiring programmers to deal explicitly with concurrency primitives.

2011 — Khine Lin

Delaunay Triangles

2011 — Miguel Haruki Yamaguchi

An Extensible Tool for Automated Music Generation

In this dissertation I aim to develop an extensible toolkit for automated music generation. Work will expand upon currently implemented results, which were part of a study in spring 2010, and will also include new development. In particular, I aim to work on implementing an intelligent melodic generator, allow for more fine-grained control of input parameters, and possibly apply genetic algorithms to parts of the existing framework.

2010 — Jonathan Jenkins

Developmental Evolution of Virtual Creatures

2009 — Micah Heineck

Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning in a Team Competitive Environment

2008 — Mark Kokoska

Inferring Information about the Iterated Prisoners Dilemma from Incomplete Monitoring.

2008 — Tim Zirkel

Applications of Coding Theory to Proof Checking